Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Aquisitions

I feel like a grown up.  Not for the first time mind you, however this is one of the few times I have actually liked it!   We bought a boat.  We have been talking about it for a while.  In fact we had planned on  buying one in the spring, but after a few changes in the court calendar it looked like we would have to wait until next summer.  But a few weeks ago we decided to rethink things.   We decided that it would be better to get something smaller and not quite as nice as we had wanted,  rather than wait.  Patience, as we all know, is not one of my strong points.
I found a clean little boat that is in excellent shape for way less money than we thought we would need to spend.  Jeff happily indulged me and bought it.  He has been consumed by finding just the right tower and racks for the boards,  and the speakers he ordered for my music came this week.  I've lost track now, but I know that I spent 9 of the first 14 days we owned the boat out on the lake.
The result has been a permanent grin on my face, and my children telling me I am too tan. I have mastered hooking up the boat, backing up with the trailer, unloading it into the lake and loading it back up again...all by myself!  In fact last week I took my friend Brandi and four kids out to the lake for a few hours.  After loading everything back up to go home she grinned at me and proudly stated, "Jen, you da man!!"  I took it as a compliment...
Jeff has come out with us as often as he can,  but his day job doesn't include entertaining a bunch of young boys and mine does.   Needless to say this is MY toy, and I spend as much time out in it as I can.  Usually behind the drivers seat, but I have snuck in a handful of rides on the wakeboard!
Already we have created so many memories. 
 Countless hours of family fun are awaiting us and we can't wait to take advantage of it!

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caligirl said...

Looks like so much fun. I wish we were there to enjoy the boat, the lake and the amazing company!! Love you guys!