Monday, August 30, 2010

Half Dome...Do's and Don'ts of Round Dos

Do as Kirsten and use your cell phone to call ahead from the beginning of the trail to put in your order for that smoked hamster, rattlesnake, or marmot sandwich you've got a hankerin' for, from the top notch dining hall they have at the top!
Appreciate the flat parts of the trail, even at the beginning when your toes and knees don't hurt!
Take in the beauty around you...don't I have cute friends! 
Be sure to check in with your other friends and play as much Words With Friends as you can.  You never know how long you are going to be stuck with your friends on a hike like this!
Enjoy the company you're in!
Be leery of strangers on the trail who agree to take your picture but stand way too close.  Especially if they start singing Happy Birthday!
If you want to make record time, make sure Corey is in the lead
Blaze the trail ahead of you...literally if you want!  This sign is was placed here due to Reeds near striking experience last time we hiked the dome.  I'm sure there's a dedicatory inscription on the back or something!
Respect the Rock
Don't be fooled by this cute furry face, Porky here is a thief, and everything is fair game.  Whole sub sandwiches, backpacks and trail mix...He'll run off with them all!
And in case you're wondering, yes you can update your facebook status from the top of half dome. Now I'm not saying Kirsten did, but one of us did and it wasn't me!
Only look down if you dare
Either way, hold on tight!
If you've ever wished for a Mary Poppins like bag, that carries everything including the kitchen sink, or even just a grocery store, have Corey pack your bag for you.  If you want to find any of it, ask Reed.  Just don't let him have the forks, or you may end up eating pasta salad with your fingers!
This is what the sky SHOULD look like if you're hiking Half Dome
Don't listen to the guy who recommends these bathrooms, he doesn't even use them himself.  While they lack running water and flushing toilets, and you must be capable of holding your breath while inside, they are still a better option than the Greenlaw's downstairs bathroom when privacy is a concern.
Smile like Shelley if you were smart enough to use the "pretty potties" (a.k.a. bushes) at the top of the mountain rather than hold out for these ones! And hey, check your email one last time while you're waiting, you never know when your phone will decide it's time for swimming lessons.
If you decide to rest for a bit on the way back down and cool your feet in the calm waters just before the falls, we highly recommend you take your iphone 4 out of your pocket and put it in your pack.  But if you happen to make the same mistake Corey did, no worries, the ebay market will pay a hefty price even for a non working water damaged version!
While Pepito may be accommodating and smile for a picture with you, don't expect him to have your back. When the road closes for construction right in front of you, he will not even let you through the tunnel first!  Resist the urge to yell out the window to him, "July to me Julyer!" It's best to just delete him out of your life forever and get over it!  But first be sure to thank him for the extra half hour with your annoying friends and the abs workout you will get from laughing with them in the mean time!
Plan to do this again and again, it always makes for the most enjoyable of days!


Kirsten said...

love it!! we are pretty hilarious aren't we?? (as well as cute!) :) great to relive the day... can't wait until next time for more laughs.

shelleyv said...

Ditto! great day and great write up!