Friday, September 17, 2010

Dancing Diva

 All the girls at Miss Brittney’s dance studio were all dolled up and ready to perform at thier recent showcase. Brynne had given me specific instructions on her hair and insisted on wearing one of her little necklaces.  She was totally in her element!

I shouldn’t have been surprised at how comfortable she was at being in the limelight, but still, somehow I was.  She stood out front wearing the cutest grin and stole everyones hearts.
Their little class of dancers wasn’t perfectly in sync and they weren’t doing the most complicated moves, but they were the most fun to watch!  
Just when you thought Brynne’s smile couldn’t have been any bigger, Jeff presented her with flowers for a job well done.  She was over the moon!  
She told me the flowers were so beautiful she wanted to save them and give them to her husband when she got married someday.  
I am certain we have many years of dance performances ahead of us, this is definitely one of her new loves!

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