Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ready or Not...

Here I come!

The St George Marathon is Saturday.  While I plan on finishing the marathon again this year, I am also hoping for a first.  I want to run it this time!  I think I can...but really I'm not certain of it.

Last year I felt like I was READY! I had my coach/ training partner/ sunrise buddy/ drill seargent/ sister Tara training with me.  I got out of bed at 0 dark thirty because I knew she was counting on me.  I didn't know what I was getting into and went for over prepared rather than under.  I climbed stairs and did hill repeats.  I was pretty fit and I felt strong. The problem was that it was all a bit much for my left knee. My hobble to the finish line continued through the winter months, and I wasn't able to run again til April.
This year I am NOT ready!  I have trained on my own, wich translates to many mornings of sleeping in past the hours safe for running long distances outside.  Worried about injuring my knee or getting back into things too quickly, I stayed away from the hills and the stairs.  What I didn't stay away from was the wakeboard and the desire for a little jumping.  I am almost recovered from my sprained knee, and I have also recovered from the foot injury that was a result of running after the knee sprain. This year rather than feeling fit, I feel lumpy (that translates into almost 10 lbs on the scale).

My knees don't feel fabulous, but they are not injured like I was last year, and I have a little experience under my belt.  If nothing else, sheer determination will get me across the finish line, but I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to run it, and kinda fast too!  Here's for hopin', beacuse ready or not, here I come!  


James and Megan said...

Good luck this time around, you'll do great! I am sad I don't get to run it with you guys this year.

shelleyv said...

Good luck Friend! I will be thinking about you while I lay in bed drinking a smoothie watching conference. I kind of wish I were doing it. Maybe next year!