Saturday, September 18, 2010

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

The fall sports season has officially started at the Bohn Household.  Drew's very first cross country race marked the start of a busy and fun time of year for us.  There were 154 kids that ran at this meet in Drew's age group.
Drew was so excited, and a little nervous.
Before the race started I talked to Drew and a few of his buddies about pacing.  I told him not to go his very fastest right at the start and not to worry about how many kids were in front of him at the very beginning, just to pick them off one at a time until the very end.  
It was craziness as the race started but Drew listened well to my directions, and paced himself perfectly.
He came in 52 place out of all those kids, and I was so proud of how well he ran.  
When he finished I asked him how he felt.  "Like I'm gonna puke!" was his response.  "Then you ran it exactly like you should have...You gave it everything you've got."  The nausea wore of quickly and was replaced by pride in finishing at his personal best.

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