Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Old, Some New, Some Blue

Back to school is old hat for the boys, but entirely new for Miss Brynne

By 8th grade I guess it's pretty typical to be about this excited about getting back to school.
Brynne was so excited all morning for her new adventure into Kindergarten!
Thrilled to have an old friend in her class.
There's nothing new about getting together with some of my favorite friends on the first day of school to eat and celelbrate Shelley's birthday, but it is ALWAYS a good time.
The blue for the day came not only in the shirts that Drew and I were wearing but also in the glass we found on the driveway in the wee hours of the morning.  I wish I could say the scoundrels who broke this glass were just borrowing Jeff's laptop from the back seat.  
  So I guess we pretty much had our bases covered for the first day of school.  Some old, some new, something (permanently) borrowed and some blue.  

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Tawna said...

Yikes, Jen! Sorry about that! Glad Brynne is so excited to start school. Kindergarten is the best!