Sunday, September 19, 2010

Labor Day Play

What to do when the weather is hot and everyone is given the day off work and school?  That decision has been an easy one as of late...The lake of course!  We spread the word of our plans at the Stake Vineyard as work was done cutting the grapes, and encouraged anyone who could to join us.  We brought our friends the Greenlaws out with us and several other families from our ward ended up coming out.
The kids had a blast bouncing around from boat to boat with the other kids their age.
They had fun jumping off the rocks at the edge of the lake.
Wild rides on the tube.
On one of the other boats both of my younger boys got up for the first time on a wakeboard, and I even got a pull from a boat with a tower like I had been wanting all summer long.  It was a perfect day of a little labor and a lot of play!

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Kirsten said...

such a great day!! send some pics when you get a minute or two... thanks again for a fabulous time!!