Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Last week Garrett ended up spending some time in the ER after slipping off the ladder from the attic.  The flesh wound looked like it could possibly need stitches, and our tough guy with the incredible pain threshold was hurting pretty bad.  We were worried there might be some cracked ribs because of how he fell.  
Luckily, none of the above were needed and Garrett was just bruised up for a few days.  I spent some time the previous day at the doctors office, and didn't get news I was hoping for.  The girl who doesn't even play tennis has tennis elbow!  I crashed while skiing and landed on it when we were in Tahoe, and it still hadn't healed.  Well it likely won't for another three months.  I have damaged the tendon, and now wear a lovely black brace just below my elbow.  I am much more aware of very small daily tasks that I never thought twice about.  Things like opening a jar of jam or getting the milk out of the fridge are pretty rough.  I have a hard time lifting things out of my cart at the store, and need help grabbing my skis from the ground when I take them off.  I can't push the pump on my hairspray bottle but I can still do push ups, go figure!  

We are feeling a little gimpy around here!


where the wildthings grow said...

Your family plays HARD! Sorry there is pain....
Love the sleeping beauty! What a doll!

James said...

You guys sounds like you are falling a part. Hope you all get better soon!