Friday, March 18, 2011

A Second Dose...

When Haley and I wore our green boas skiing last year on St Patricks Day, it was way too fun!  We planned to make it a repeat this year, and brought a few more friends with us! 
 We were short a few boas, but next year I'm certain they'll be prepared!
 I've decided boas are kind of like a magic wand that makes everything a little more fun when you're wearing them. 
You act a little sillier, and throw caution to the wind a little more frequently.
Tiffany skied China Bowl for her first time today, and I tried a jump and landed it. Luck of the Irish, carrying a leprechaun in my pocket, or pure skill you wonder? None of the above.  It's all about the boa!!
And if those aren't enticements enough to sport those lovely green feathers, imagine all the great smiles and comments that we get from our fellow skiers. That's entertainment enough!
Whether riding on the lift or flying down the hill, having a trail of feathers flowing out behind you sure feels fancy!  
Never mind the hundreds of feathers that now dot most of the runs across the mountain at China Peak, really we were helping out many of our fellow skiers.  You see some had come unprepared for the festive atmosphere that St. Patrick's day affords, and were thrilled to find a few glorious feathers to zip into their coats.  Really it's true, a few even thanked us!
So, I'm pretty certain good ole St. Patrick was looking down on us at China Peak today in all of our green glory, leaving a trail of smiles, laughter and of course a few feathers in our wake, with a big fat smile.
If not, he's probably the only one!

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Kirsten said...

so fun. i am looking for a boa for sure!!!