Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

As I gaze down at my tiny girl while she sleeps, I am overwhelmed with a love that cannot be contained within the walls of my heart.  She is determined and strong willed. Mischievous and brilliant, she never forgets anything.  She always knows exactly what she wants and has a path she is determined to take to get there.  She is all things girlie and pink, dancing and soft.  She is tough as nails and as loud as a bullhorn.  She has a style that is all her own and she owns it with flair and confidence.  Generous and full of love, her hugs and high esteem must be earned and are highly sought after.  My heart aches with hopes and dreams for her future, one that I cannot control.  Sometimes I am exhausted, and pushed to the edge of my patience. Often I shake my head in disbelief at the things she has said or her take on a concept.  Sometimes I am floored by her direct honesty, but always, always I am in love with my sleeping beauty.

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