Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Than Three Good Reasons

You get to know people in a much more intimate way when you travel together. There are always moments that go down in history, for better or for worse.  I think I have almost as much fun remembering them as I do in the moment.  This post is a tribute to the memories made in Tahoe with the eleven of us; Five couples and the mouse in Josh's pocket.  My sweet friend Tiffany likes it when we  can back up our preferences with at least 3 good reasons why.  Here are the reasons why I'll return next year!
  Fabulous breakfasts and questionable brownies can be prepared in this state of the art kitchen.   Rumor has it you may even find a mouse mixing pancake batter one morning.
 The beds, well at least my bed, was large and oh so comfy.   
As exciting as it can be to just sit around and "visit"in this living room, minus the fire that our eagle scouts didn't really manage to light, no thanks to Kirsten and her coupon hoarding, the games that you play are the real draw.  Unless of course you're loosing, in which case you are free to shamelessly declare, "You know, this isn't as much fun as I thought it would be!"
 There are beautiful places to ski with our annoying friends, while taking in the incredible views!  Word on the street is that they have pretty sweet demo boots here too.  They keep them inside all night long so that your toes will stay warm.  Not that it would be much of a change for Kirsten.  Her boots made it inside too, they just didn't make it to Northstar!
  If you time it just right, you can ski down the back side of the mountain and get a FREE hot chocolate
Somehow just during the course of lunch you can end up with an extra hand!
There's plenty of time on the lift to play with your fun photo aps
Old ladies resembling troll dolls in red jumpsuits are known to put in work, shred the gnar, and slay the deep stuff, on the run directly below this lift!
To watch these grown men act like silly boys!
When you wrap up a great day of skiing there are so many great ways to spend your evening.  You can eat dinner in cute restaurants that have pictures of Josh in his glory days hanging from the walls just begging to be signed.  While waiting to be seated you can check out the shops where I've heard they have some pretty cute blouses.  If blouse shopping isn't your thing, there is a dude working at the board shop who has clearly smoked too much kush, who can tell you all about slaying the deep stuff.  If he happens to be off work when you visit, Reed will give you a darn good impersonation.
 After a good nights rest you can wake up and within minutes be at another premier ski resort!
Lifts here can fit almost all of us on at once and they book it up the hill!
There are runs for every skill level 
Skooning is totally appropriate here!
The laughter never seems to stop!
Nowhere else can you jump on a chair lift and end up in Siberia!
Sometimes you can even jump on a chair lift and end up on Helga's lap.  I think Tiff still has at least 3 unanswered questions about that scenario.  Like exactly why did those four women follow the four men out onto that lift that could only carry four people?  And how was it, that everyone but Josh was able to bail from the lift.  Last of all, how does a little 98 lb woman keep a big ole football player from falling off of her lap?  I think I'll be laughing at the retelling of that story for at least 3 years!!
I'll be back again next year to see if our sour puss friend enjoys his next birthday any better than he did this year.  In spite of his increasing age though, he's still  got mad fry throwing skills.
I'd totally go back just for the warm tubbing experience.  Shelley can tell you how comfortable it is to squish too many people into a hot tub to the point of overflowing.   It's even better on night two when the water level is low and a murky shade of grey, and the heating mechanism barely raises the temp up to 80 degrees.  So what if it's kinda like hanging out in a big dirty bathtub with your friends, it's the company that counts right?  Besides warm tubbing can bring about great rewards, like this sweet t-shirt Tiff brought in!
Nope, not a chance I'd miss out on hanging out with this crew, at this place!
Reasons enough Tiff?  


Kirsten said...

that is way MORE than three good reasons!!! :) so. much. fun.

i definitely recommend the demo boots

suzanne said...

great summary of a great week-end!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Definitely enough great reasons!!! Loved the recap and totally stealing it for my family book!