Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've Been Biebered

My movie buddies today minus both Laurens

I've mentioned before how I spurned New Kids on The Block in my youth simply because of the mass hysteria that all of the female population went into at the sight of any one of it's members.  I believe this same mentality is what drives all teenage boys to hate on Justin Bieber. It's the screaming, crying girls with their ridiculous worshiping of all things Bieber, that turns the boys away.  I have heard great things about Justin as a musician and being that I am no spring chicken, I have no close friends who suffer from Bieber Fever.  That would be a bit disturbing, but it does allow me to have an open mind and see for myself what I think of The Bieb.  His tunes are catchy and he's a cute kid, but I wanted to watch the movie and see what the hype is all about.

A few weeks ago my husband thinking he was just being funny told my 11yr old son that he looked like Justin Bieber.  Okay, so he said it multiple times even after being asked to stop, but still I was shocked at the response.  My son was not just mad, he was totally offended, and couldn't understand how his dad could be so intentionally mean.  It took me nearly 2 hours to mediate an understanding between my husband and son.  As you can see anti Bieber sentiment runs deep in my household  with 3 nearly teenage boys, there was no way any one of them would consider accompanying me to the Theater.

A good friend of mine took all but one of her daughters to see the movie last week.  She said I could borrow her youngest as an excuse to go.  Well she wanted to bring a friend who happened to be my niece,  and her older sister thought once was definitely not enough and wanted to come again.   I  figured maybe my younger niece might like to join us as well.  When the time came to head to the movie theater my car was full of a bunch of dang cute girls.  My boys reconsidered their movie attendance as well as my nephew and one of the boys friends.  I ended up with 5 boys, 4 girls, and 2 middle aged couples in the theater today!

I could not find anything to dislike about the kid other than the fact that he needs to pull his pants up a few more inches.  He is a talented natural musician with an incredible gift and love for music.  He seems generous and sincere.  I really enjoy his voice, he can dance, he puts on a great show, and he sings some really catchy tunes.  What's not to like?

My boys reluctantly admitted after the movie that yes, they probably would be friends with him if he went to their school.  Yes, he really is talented, and actually pretty funny.  I think they are no longer haters of The Bieb, just his crazy overly dramatic fans.  Still, I don't think they will go to school tomorrow and tell all their friends about the cool movie they saw today.

As for me and all of my praise, I still would not say that I have Bieber Fever.  I wouldn't wait all day to catch a glimpse of him, cry if I saw him, or claim that I want to marry him,  like those suffering from the fever often do.  However I'll admit that I now want to buy his CD and  I would probably really enjoy seeing him in concert.  I am definitely a fan.

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