Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Medicine

Mom-itis...it's a real condition you know.  Seriously ask any mom and they'll  tell you they've had it  at least once or twice.
You can usually tell you're coming down with it when you find yourself putting away clothes in your closet and then just staying in there for a while longer so that no one can find you.  Another tell tale sign is when you resort to reading on a closed toilet seat with the door shut, just because it's the only place in the house you know no one is going to be climbing all over you.  
Yeah, now you know what I'm talking about,  and I bet you can think of a few more ways to tell if you're coming down with a case of Mom-itis.  
Well I'm no doctor, but I'm telling you I've found a cure.  
Grab some friends, some skis and head for the hills!
You are guaranteed great conversation, beautiful scenery, and tons of laughs!
Kirsten and I may wear our special ed helmets, and some of us may walk with a little swagger in our boots, while others dance and sing out loud while on the lift and the slopes! Regardless, it's all good medicine. 

You just might be the last ones to ride chair 5 for the day or the last to visit the ski shop.  You might even be the last to grab your skis and head to the car.  But when you return home, your patience will be lengthened, your head will be clear and your heart will be full. You'll find yourself grateful to return home to your babies, answer their millions of questions, and hold them close for a little longer than they would like.  And if you aren't able to wipe the smile from your face for quite some time, you'll know you've just had some good medicine.

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Kirsten said...

amen!!! i'll take that medicine with you anytime! :)