Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Color Me Rad

Color me rad.  A 3000 person stampede running around a park, while being bombed with color, along a 3 mile course.
Color me classy.  Classy kids wear suspenders and knee socks and this crew was fitted.
Color me fierce.  Game faces on and looking tough, nobody could stop these guys from getting their color on.
Color them cute.  A perfect bunch to get colored with!
Color her lucky.  Lucky to be as light as a feather and lucky to have big brothers willing to tote her around! Lucky her soccer game was late enough this Saturday to allow her to participate in both.  
Color us clean, but not for long.  What started out white was about to get bright!
Color me happy.  Happy my kids and Brandi and her kids thought this sounded like as much fun as I did. 
Color her tough.  Even though this little peanut rode most of the course on shoulders, she regularly jumped down to run on her own, blazing the trail ahead of her for a good 50 yards at a time before hopping back up onto Wes' shoulders.
Color me proud.  Proud of this big brother who's only running experience happens in distances a mile or less in his high school PE class but determined to run 3 miles, with an extra 35lbs of little sister on his back. Declining numerous offers from me to take a turn with her and or to even slow down to a walk.  Less than a quarter of a mile before the finish Brynne hopped down to run to the finish with Brandi and the other kids, and Wes lost the contents of his stomach into a bush.  I appreciated how much of a sacrifice it had really been for him to carry her the distance, but something he was glad to do.  Color me so proud.
Color her exhausted!  Exhausted but thrilled to have "run in kind of a marathon like mom". Thrilled at how cool her white shirt now looked. 
Color them family
Color me Rosie.  She finished with her mom on her 40th birthday celebrating a 70lb weight loss!
Color him...colored!!!

Color him thirsty. A water and somebody gave my boy a Red Bull!?!
Color him yellow.
Color him blue
Color me cleaner than either one of those two!
Color us finished. Color it fun. Color it over, we'll be back for the next one!

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