Monday, December 17, 2012

Disney Does It

A Monday with no school
Two moms and 5 crazy kids. 
Boys who wouldn't sleep
A bright and early start
The happiest place on earth
Big rides for my baby girl
 A mother vs. son competition
A babe of Jedi Master
Space Mountain madness
Anticipating a favorite ride 
Best ride in the park
A big Goof and a little girl
A break from jail
A big brother and a good sport
A must see mouse
Outside her tiny plastic house
Making her move
A real ladies man
A quick power nap
A perfect date

A mug a big as her middle!
A cup as big as a car
A twirling saucer
All spun out
A look of Surprise
Living the life
5 smiles, one frown and a giant pumpkin
A new adventure
Lost and found
A pit stop
A full service station

Crazy kid drivers
Mischievous monkeys
Long day, still smiling
Serious faces, a serious task
Armed and ready
Game on!
Sitting pretty
Just please, sit still
Super silly
Catching flies
A duck face and a special friend
A visit from my oldest guy
A little sister's day is made
A boxing lesson given
Calling the shots
Making passes
Saying goodbye,
and goodnight!
October 2012

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