Monday, December 10, 2012

When Life Was Beachy

When life was beachy you could spend the weekend riding tandem on an old bike around a cute town
A routine run could turn into a fun group outing
You could start out on your feet and return in a basket
When life was beachy you'd hear more laughter than waves and smash ball was a hit 
You could take a beating from the waves and still come up smiling
It could be business as usual but with a way better office and a much better dress code.
When life was beachy you could eat at new places and visit with old friends
Hours of fun could be found in freezing blue water
You could pass the day with your toes in the sand and not ask for better company
You could sleep where you sat and not everyone would laugh
When life was beachy digging holes and burying your brother seemed like great ideas
 There wasn't a better way to take in the sights than with your feet on the peddles and the wind in your hair
You could start off laughing at the pier
And wind up at the other end of town in the same state 
Cruising around town with this big crew would be perfectly normal

and seven kids eating Sunday dinner at the bar could seem like just a few!

At any given moment you could be surrounded by gorgeous girls
happy moms
sun kissed cheeks 
and teasing boys
When life was beachy a cozy campfire was welcomed by all
It was a perfect time to huddle together in your blankets and jammies
when age and gender were less important than what game could be played next
When life was beachy the best seat in the house was on a parents lap
or cuddled up next to the ones you love most
 Conversations could range from Aloha Friday being a lifestyle and not an event, to the finer uses of Skype, and end with a message from Drew channeling a lady with a thing for camels.
When life was beachy all the roasting sticks could somehow disappear and you'd still see these kids still smiling from ear to ear!
 You could count on finding a moment or two of peace and quiet after the sticky s'mores covered fingers and chocolatey faces were cleaned and tucked into bed 
 You could devour a book into the wee hours of night and know you'd make up for it the next day with a nap in the sand
When life was beachy the early risers could be rewarded with the best shells 

and the combination of mist, sand and sea could seem magical
But even then we knew it couldn't last, so we did what we could to make it count
We climbed on our bikes for one last day of fun
The ladies set up camp and kept watch over all
 the kids braved the cooler temps and much colder water determined to make the last day the best

they set out for the waves they knew they'd soon miss
It's hard to find good friends and fun times or even waves quite like this!
The boys determined to master some new tricks
Wes brought out the board and decided to give surfing a try

A few attempts later he was up!

Successes and failed attempts both brought about smiles
 Riding in on the perfect waves helped the hours slip seamlessly by

One last day of beachy fun meant something different for everyone. They leapt
they caught

posed and kicked

and sifted

dragged and pulled

carried and lifted
they laughed
and tried to stay warm

played with their kids
and snuggled with mom

They were silly and enjoyed their friends

But one of the best things about life when it was beachy was that just about everyone smiled
When the fog rolled in and our day of fun came to a close there was nothing we could do but sit back and watch
the waves still came in

and the sands kept shifting
but it was time to pack it all in and go
When life was beachy there was laughter and fun, bikes and sun. There were waves and friends for everyone.  But now its winter and the cold has settled in.  It's nice to remember the sun and the smiles, perhaps I'll doze off and dream of it a while! 
Labor Day Weekend 2012

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