Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December, Just Skating By

There is something magical about the month of December
The days skate by faster than you can say Merry Christmas and the parties, productions and events we attend are more numerous than the locks of hair in Santa's beard
The decorating we do to the house both inside and out requires me to borrow a truck from good friends and if I'm lucky I might be able to skate by with just two trips to storage to pick it all up!
The cards we receive from all of our friends and family from across the globe arrive daily with darling pictures and the annual family newsletters.   I love pulling these bundles from my mailbox everyday and figure it's only fair if I send mine in return.
The shopping required for the people and gifts on my list is no skate in the park.  By months end I usually feel like if I didn't have to shop again I'd be more than content, but the smiles on the faces of those that I love is worth the time required to find just the right gift.
One of the things I look forward to the most are the fun things we do with our friends. Evenings spent constructing gingerbread houses, doing little acts of service together, taking over the trampoline place after hours, and this years trip to a new downtown outdoor ice skating rink make my heart happy.
Our adventure ice skating was much needed.  I'd been promising Brynne I'd take her for over a week but the weather just wouldn't cooperate.  When friends invited us to join them Saturday I was thrilled.  
I'm hoping it will help me get my December back on track.
Maybe its the colds that have run rampant through our family, or my years of never sleeping have finally caught up with me, but for some reason this year I just can't get my December mojo on.
I have several things that never made it into the spectacular show of lights in the front yard and half of one side of the grass is still unlit
Several tubs of decorations for the rooms of my house still sit untouched, and the mini trees that decorate the shelves in the kids rooms are just plunked in their places straight out of the box.  Mashed up branches misplaced ornaments and all.
I have yet to choose a family picture for the cards I haven't ordered and likely wont send
The Christmas party I throw every year with just a small handful of close friends is yet unscheduled, no invitations are out. 
Not a gift has been purchased for my massive crew. I keep thinking maybe tomorrow I'll feel up to battling the crowds, traffic and parking
This year it isn't business as usual.  I've got to get that December mojo and fast because one thing has stayed the same. December is skating by faster than I can wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Just Mom said...

I totally get this! It's not a crime to "take 10" in our lives. Yours if so full with your family and friends, Brynn's surgery , etc, Just pull those kids and hubby close, snuggle up with a story and let the world take care of itself for a while. Let this be the year you spent more time loving and less time fussing. Fuss next year. Let the kids choose one gift, and spend the rest at a soup kitchen or shelter or donate to the humanitarian centers. I love you guys. The Lord loves you. Maybe this is a "slow down" notice. Have a Merry Christmas.