Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good Laughs, Good Time, Good Night

Doghouse Grill beckoned us Saturday night.
 My cousin and her hubby were in town
It was Melanie's birthday
 Drew and Tyson were just hungry
These two would never turn down Doghouse
Brynne on the other hand was bawling because Sweet Tomatoes was not our destination. She could not be consoled
There was no hiding her smile once we got to Fresno State for some bowling though
 The shoes alone are reason enough to smile. Such a fashion statement requires a good sense of humor.
Another reason for smiling were these accidental twinsies
Unless you're a professional,  the whole game of bowling requires you not to take yourself too seriously. 
Melanie tried out a few creative techniques for getting the ball down the lane.
Brynne chucked it a few times before requesting the frame to roll the ball down
 Drew tried using the force to knock down a few extra pins
 Garrett tried out the shot put method
and Lisa was just dumbfounded at how her ball did the exact same thing every single time, and it usually wasn't what she wanted it to do ;)
 There was lots of laughter going on all night. 
 No matter what she did Melanie couldn't manage to keep her ball out of the gutter!
She was a good sport but really we were all dying
We just watched as ball after ball was drawn to the sides like a magnet
By the eighth frame Garrett and Drew couldn't even stay in their seats they were laughing so hard!
Tyson  dragged Drew out of his seat for another reason, he got a strike!
And then Brynne got a strike
The pure joy on her face was awesome!
She was on top of the world the rest of the night!
Its always fun hanging out with these boys 
It was a good visit, a good birthday, good eats, a good cry, good laughs, a good time, so good night! 

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Tawna said...

And good picture of Dave there at the end. ;) hahah