Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sunshine and Smiling Freezing Faces

 It was one of those perfectly beautiful days
The kids were happy
 and the sun was shining
 it was also incredibly, cover your face cold!
 the powder in the trees lured all of the boarders
and the jumps just begged you to put your skills to the test
 At lunch time we learned to stay clear of the spaghetti and meatballs
heard all about the ski bus
 rescued lost bindings and adventured uncharted routes
 We determined the fine line in beard stroking that determines pensive and pedophile
and debated on just how awesome my hair actually is.
 But when its time to go you just gotta flip your weave and leave
We spent the day in awe of our beautiful surroundings and so grateful for the timing of the snow
We sarcastically shredded the gnar and slayed the pow pow
 We doubled the fun with Austen and Austin
 We teased 
 and posed
and went down a couple of runs that we could have done without
even if we kinda rocked it anyways ;)
 We all had at least one really good yard sale 
 We found lots of ice and plenty of rocks
 our skis and boards will need some freshening up 
 But if we could, we would all spend at least one more day on the slopes at Sierra!
 Kirsten called Chevy's to warn them we were coming. All 23 of us. She didn't give them three good reasons they should split our checks and didn't tell them that the mayor would be there, but we all managed to get good parking and dinner served none the less
 I'm not going to lie and tell you we didn't leave a huge mess, but hope that the tip was enough to allow us back in next time!
Haley warned us that Aaron was picking up ice cream and brownie mixso we should put on our stretchy pants.
 We didn't argue with that, we just nursed our wounds and thawed out by the fire and patiently waited
 while discussing Austin's closet and Drew dreaming of rainbows
 And then we just sat and laughed at all these crazy kids. And then they laughed at us when they beat the adults in two competitive rounds of reverse charades.
 We had no complaints about the men serving us dessert
and everybody was happy with their ice cream
 We were reaquainted with an old friend with an affinity for camels

 The party animal McCauleys finally started unwinding after two and a half hours of energy
We were all impressed at what a trooper Lauryn has been since her accident yesterday.  So many versions of how it happened are going around and nobody's telling which one is true!
 Clearly these guys need a huge Mountain dew or some berries and cream because they were quckly losing steam
And things just got crazier as the night went on
until everyone slowly wound down
 Some people couldn't even make it to the vestibule or their rooms before calling it a night.  We won't mention anything about the loud noises, brown drool or supposed snoring.  Well just say it was another great day and we were all spent.

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