Monday, February 17, 2014

Love Day 2014

 The day before Valentines I recieved a couple of special deliveries of trieats from sweet friends and spent a couple of hours driving all over town assisting Garrett on his quest for a gigantic bear. I'd say we found what we were looking for.
 I was only allowed to drop my littlest Valentine off at school after I had given her a Valentines manicure.
 After a morning of cleaning and laundry I made my lunch time deliveries to my little men
 Heart shaped pizzas has become a tradition.
 After my deliveries were made I had time to do a little wandering and shopping at some of my favorite stores in Riverpark.  I did hit Victorias Secret but didn't leave with anything more risque than some jammies and a pair of sweats! 
There hadn't been time for a pedicure before school so I promised Brynne we could do it afterwards.
The salon was a much better option than trying my patience on her tiny little toes.
 It also gave me time to do a little reading!
 We ran into Haley at the nail salon and I mentioned we were just going to stay in and watch Austenland on Netflix instead of battling the crowds and long lines with the rest of the world.
 Haley texted an hour later saying they'd pick up dinner from the drive through at Pane and join us for the movie
 I picked up some yummies for dessert.
When we had technical difficulties with the TV in the game room we decided to just suck it up and cozy up on the couch in our bedroom.  If we didn't know the McCauleys so well I'm sure they would have turned us down for an invitation to come over and watch a movie in our bedroom on Valentines day, but as it turned out it just provided us with a bit more laughter.   A great end to a really nice low key day.

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