Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tight Squeeze But Still Pleased

And we're back! Our family for the weekend has disbanded and we're back into our own homes.  We'll all sleep much more comfortably tonight.  All of us will have hot water for our showers in the morning. Not one of us will be sleeping in a closet. No one will have to explain why the bed is completely broken underneath them.  We can dry our clothes without plugging our ears to buffer the wretched screeching.  The ratio of showers to people will be better than 23 to 3.  We'll have room to park the cars with out an engineering degree. But we won't have the late night chats, the noisy meals, the competitive games of ping pong, the piles of junk food, tons of laughter, and awesome skiing just 15 minutes away.  Our weekend was an adventure with a little danger, and a lot of fun, and in spite of our lovely accommodations we were all sad to see it come to an end so quickly! 

1 comment:

Tawna said...

Sounds lovely, Jen. But what is this "little danger" you speak of? Ya' leavin' us hanging. ;)