Saturday, February 22, 2014

Road trip with my little man❤️

No school last Monday and no good snow at China Peak meant it was time for a road trip
Drew and I wanted to ski and were not about to go back to China Peak for what felt like downhill ice skating, but nobody else wanted to join us!
We had the best trip up to Tahoe.  We talked all about our favorite things and shared funny stories. I told Drew all about his most embarrassing moments and funniest stories from when he was a toddler. I  had him cracking up. He had no idea what a character he was or how some of his little kid proclivities had carried through to current day.
The entire time we were at lunch he carried on the most sarcastic and hilarious conversation with this older lady sitting near us.  By the time we left she couldn't stop telling Drew what a pleasure it had been to chat with him. I was dying!
I love watching him ski and how fearless he is.  I am way too chicken to try the things he does, but happy to follow along and video or snap pictures.
We both were calculating which lift we could take up and which runs to go down to give us the longest ski time before the lifts all shut down for the day.  I love that he loves to ski as much as I do!  He is a bit faster than me but I can almost keep up!
When it was time to go we were stuck in the worst traffic ever. Bumper to bumper almost all the way in to Sacramento. I guess we weren't the only ones with the bright idea to ski on the Presidents Day holiday.
As the day was coming to a close and we were almost home Drew said to me, "Mom I'm so sad, we are almost home! I don't want this road trip to be over! It's been sooo fun hanging out with you and just talking and skiing and stuff!"
No matter the time or money spent on our little trip it was worth every moment for time alone with my little man. I love who is and the man he is starting to become. 

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