Monday, April 26, 2010

Big Time Birthday Fun!

Princess Brynne turned 5 today!!
In our family when it's your birthday you call the shots. After a day of girlie fun romping around the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point Brynne was ready for some rough and tumble fun! We had a little party at Classic Fun in Sandy Utah.

Brynne had come here on her last visit and knew it was exactly where she wanted to celebrate tonight. She was thrilled to have each friend and family member there. It was so important to her that everyone got to come and join the fun.

So we did. All of us!! What a crew we were! The first order of business was the Blast Zone.
The room is encircled by nets and little fortresses from which to BLAST your friends and family with foam balls. You can never let your guard down in here! And this is where Brynne wanted to go little princess definitely shows evidence of having three older brothers!

The mega blaster has some serious umph behind it!
Everything is powered by air pressure and the little station with the floating balls was so cool to play with.
Regarless of weather or not there were any balls in it!
The biggest thrill though was the Daredevil Slide. The sign said it wasn't for chickens, and they weren't kidding...
One look at all of our faces and you can imagine what this ride was like!

We went in for the kids but definitely had just as much fun as they did!
Next up was the Bounce Room! About 15 very large inflatable play structures all crammed next to eachother.
Brynne is such a monkey and just went right on up to the top of the biggest ones!

Once again we started out just "helping the kids" up the slides

but of course we all ended up having a little fun of our own!

Big kids and little kids alike had some big time fun tonight!


Aaron and Devon said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Wish we could have made it!

haley said...

Im so glad Brynne had a great birthday and your trip is a lot of fun!