Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Trails

(Me, Kim, Charisse, Shelley, Mom)
Friday I went on a hike with some friends.
It was beautiful.
We followed the shore line of the lake, up and down the mountain side, hiking a total of 8 and a half miles.
It was so green and yellow, full of flowers of every kind.
I brought along my big camera and had so much fun snapping pictures as we walked along.
Several times I found myself a way behind the group after stopping to take pictures and playing with the settings on my camera.
Unfortuantely I realized about halfway through there was a smudge on my lense.
As we hiked along my thoughts wandered in and out of the conversations around me and at times it was quiet but for the sound of the birds in the trees overhead. I was so surprised that such a pretty place existed just along the shores of what I have always considered a very plain Millerton Lake.
(Me, Shelley, Charisse, Kim)
As we rounded a corner along the trail, there was a stream running down over the rocks and shaded by big trees and blooming flowers and I was reminded of the gorgeous trails I run on at Whiskeytown Lake every year.
I am so excited to have found such a great place so close to home to explore. I love being outside like that and especially sharing those times with friends!

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shelleyv said...

That was a bucket filler. Great shots!