Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not EGGsactly Perfect

Usually on Easter Sunday we are in Sacramento with my mom's parents, my aunts and uncles and my cousins. We usually spend the day visiting and playing games, eating way too much, and have a huge Easter egg hunt in Steve and Michelle's amazing yard. This year Easter kinda snuck up on all of us. I was gone from Tuesday morning until just before friends arrived on Saturday night. Our Easter plans changed between Tuesday and Saturday. At 11 o'clock Saturday night I made a run to the grocery store to see what was left, whatever they had was all we were doing. Lucky for me, they still had a bit of candy left and a few fun little toys for the kids, but still the pickin's were slim! Sunday morning my mom came by and said she'd love to take Brynne and Drew to see their cousins in Utah but they were going to be leaving that afternoon. I scrambled to get rolls made, bake scalloped potatoes, and wash enough clothes from our trip to the cabin so that I could then pack Brynne and Drew for their next trip. Just about the time we were supposed to meet at my moms, I finally had the chance to get into the shower. I gave Jeff instructions to have everyone get started without me and not to wait. By the time I got there the kids had eaten, there were no more potatoes, and there had been a mix up on the baking instructions I had given on the rolls. The tops were a little dark... then they all got smushed in transporting them to my parents house. Sigh...I sat down to dinner with not even enough food to feed Brynne and just sat there looking at it.

We had decided to dye eggs after dinner and the day was looking a little brighter.

The kids were having so much fun, and Brynne was taking it all very seriously.

But just as we sent the daddy bunny's out to hide the candy and eggs out back, while we entertained kids and cleaned things up, the wind and the rain started!

The kids still were full of smiles and were happy as can be,

in spite of the sprinkles,

and Drews unfortunate mis-step, and a little battle between Wes and Jessica.

By the time we cleaned up all the mess and sent my parents on their way with my little ones I was EGGsausted and ready for this Easter Sunday to be DONE!

Yes I'll admit my focus was in entirely the wrong places all day long. I will also admit that while I may be the queen of "fake it til you make it" I'm sure I didn't have the best attitude. At one point Jason said very sympathetically, "How are you doin' Jen?" I gave him a plastic smile and replied,"Just peachy" His response was classic Jason and exactly why I adore him, "Well if that's what you're selling...I guess I'm buyin'!" So if you were EGGspecting to read all about my wonderful enlightning day and the bliss at the Bohn home, sorry to disappoint! But hey I'm just keeping it real. And so just for the record, that's EGGsactly how it all went down this year.

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Janelle Ehat said...

Love the "for reals reals banana peels" honesty in this post! Sorry it was one of those days! I have a ton of fun pictures to send you of your kids up here at "the Blast Zone" shooting each other with soft foam balls out of huge cannons! We had a lot of fun!