Saturday, April 24, 2010


When I run I feel exuberant. It feels so good to be outside, moving through the weather, whatever it is, and feeling it on my face. The rain is the very best, by far. I love to push myself and make my body work harder and faster. I love the time to think, sometimes to visit with friends, or to just tune in to my music and tune out of reality. I love that I can actually burn a lot of calories while I do this.
Roller coasters are almost the same. They make me feel giddy. Sometimes I just laugh the whole time I am twisting and looping and dropping through the air. I love that they are fast, maybe just a little faster than I can run. I love the flutter in the my stomach at the begining of a big drop. A little fear to conquer. Roller coasters are thrilling on your own, but best with someone to scream or laugh with. I am certain I burn a few calories while riding in these little cars, strapped in so tightly that I can barely move my limbs, because I flex every muscle I have as I brace myself for the next turn, drop or loop.

When I combine the thrill of the roller coaster and the athleticism of the run, well friends, thats what skiing is to me. Racing through the weather in beautiful places, just a little faster than I can run, laughing smiling and visiting with friends. I can listen to my music, push myself to to hard and scary things, and at times create that flutter in my stomach.

I love the sound of the rain on the roof of my car, and the smell of everything all wet. On Wednesday it was pouring down by the bucket load, so I decided what better way to appreciate the awesome weather, than to just get out into it. I headed off to run some errands. Going to and from my car I got soaked, but instead of coming home and drying off, I went out for a run and relished in it!

I spent Thurdsday at Six Flags with my mom. She had two free tickets that were going to expire the next day. We decided at 7:30 that morning that we would go in spite of the rain that was forcast for the area. The park was a ghost town, and we walked directly from one roller coaster and onto the next. We laughed all day and were breathless after some of the rides. We couldn't belive we had crammed in 9 roller coasters into just 3.5 hours. Totally worth the drive, and there were just a few sprinkles to be had!
Saturday I spent the day on the gorgeous mountains in Utah, finally skiing on "the best snow on earth". I was alone with my thoughts, listened to my music and made a few friends. I challenged myself with the runs I chose and was thrilled to learn a few things along the way. The sun was on my face, the skies were a beautiful shade of blue and the mountains were breathtaking.
The view from the top of the lift at my favorite run today at an elevation of 10,830'

The view of the bottom half of a few runs from the parking lot.

As I drove home, I watched swarms of people riding their bikes and running through the canyon. Of course I got the bug. I called my brother and told him to change into his running clothes. I changed from ski clothes into running clothes and was out the door in minutes. We ran along the road hugging the mountain side overlooking the valley, the most incredible view, as the sun was setting, talking and taking it all in.
Me still grinning at my aunt's house after my run with Billy today. Not so cute, but you get the idea of the big goofy grin thing I'm talking about!

On my way back to my aunt's house I found myself smiling. A big ol' grin with no one around but me. I always feel a little silly when I catch myself doing this, but today I just couldn't help it. As I thought over the last few days I decided that I had had my own little trifecta! The three best things one after another, after another! Running in the rain and into the sunset, riding 9 roller coasters and skiing in the best snow on earth. Does it get any better than that?!

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