Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tulip Festival

The gardens at Thanksgiving Point are celebrating their annual Tulip Festival right now.  It's gorgeous!
Monday it was sunny and beautiful here in Utah and we thought it would be the perfect place to let the kids play outside. 
My mom and I met Janelle and her four youngest, and
Billy and Jen and their two little ones there.
Of course I had my camera in hand the entire time and caught some sweet moments between the cousins.  
The kids loved feeding the fish in the big pond
And they all wanted a little bit of Grandma's attention.  She really is the best Grandma!
They wanted to smell all of the flowers and pretended that they smelled like different yummy foods.
They posed for lots of pictures and asked for me to take even more...
I was even able to take a few pictures of beautiful Jocelyn in the secret garden!
We had fun watching them romp around rolling and somersaulting down the big grassy amphitheater.
Brynne begged to have her picture taken while she was showing how old she was turning that day
If you're anywhere close, don't miss out on the Tulip Festival.  It was fun for all!


christensen crew said...

BEAutiful! I live right here so close and I haven't been yet this spring! Glad you just reminded me...what a treat! Those pictures are amazing...every. single. one.

Harrison and Christine said...

I was at the tulip festival on Monday too! Wish I could have seen you!!

Tawna said...

What super cuteness kids! Adorable adorable adorable. I have no other words! Except that I love them and you all. :)

justjen said...

Kate you and I are going to have to meet up one of these days! Christine I would have LOVED to see you!! Tawna, we love and miss you too!