Monday, April 5, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Come on vaminos everybody lets go... Skiing!
This year my birthday was spent on the slopes of Sierra Summit. Big surprise I know, but really with all the fresh snow and the fact that the boys love it up there as much as I do, it was a no brainer!
The boys sleeping quarters and the girls...just before I woke everyone up that morning
We actually spent thursday through Saturday up at the McCauley's cabin, so the drive to Sierra Summit was only about 20 minutes. It was perfect.

Tara and Jason brought their three oldest and were thrilled with how quickly they picked up skiing!
Aaron and Haley only had Tyler with them on Saturday, so he went off with my boys and the four of us spent the day all over that mountain. They even got me to try my first black diamond run. China Peak is pretty darn steep and it scared me a little but I love to push myself, so I just went for it! I made it all the way down and then when I got to where it wasn't too steep anymore I started working on some technique that Jeff was wanting me to try. I was going pretty darn fast and ended up having a complete yard sale almost at the bottom of the run. I had a face full of snow and I couldn't stop laughing about it. Of course I went right back up determined to do it again and get it right. No crashes the second time around!

My yard sale

The best was when we were at the top of a run, just off the lift, and Garrett and Tyler just happened to be doing the same run! I love that my guys are all independant and we can all ski together! Garrett ended up doing China peak for his first time with us on our second time around! Love that kid!

We watched the pond skimming contests where they have a long pool of water at the end of a run and crazy people try to ski or board all the way across with out falling into the water. Its pretty fun to watch!

But even better than that was watching Drew at the end of the day. He has been skiing just 5 times and is a speed demon with an affinity for jumps. After we caught the lift for the last run of the day Jeff told Drew he would take some video of him going off a few jumps. Drew started at the top going full speed ahead down a steep hill and up a huge jump. He launched into the air and sailed about 15 feet ahead. A guy standing next to me who saw the jump let out a big whoop. Drew had a major crash landing and the second Bohn yard sale of the day, but called out in a chipper little voice,"I'm okay Dad!" Immediately the whole chair lift started clapping and cheering for him. Two of them came down the run to find him and asked for a high five and a hug from such a super skier. They told him how awesome he was and that they thought he was "going places". He was beaming. When we made it back to the lodge he was swarmed by a group of about 10 snowboarders who all came to talk to him about his jumping skills. Jeff promised to post the video to youtube called Drews Yard Sale, the kids were so enthusiastic and talked to Drew for a few minutes, when they left one of them called out, "Dude we'll see you on the Olympics!" My little guy was BEAMING. He already was as hooked on skiing as I am but their words of encouragement meant the world to him. It was a happy mom moment for me seeing that grin on his face as he wandered out to the car so pleased with himself and happy in the moment.

While Jeff and Wes raced straight from skiing to watch the priesthood session of conference at the Auberry building (easier to blend in, in their crazy clothes)the rest of us went back to wrap up the cleaning and packing at the cabin. Wes later commented to me,"Most of the people there were wearing regular church clothes but lots of them looked like they just came in from gardening or chopping down trees. So I didn't feel too embarrassed wearing my snowboarding clothes to the meeting."

Jeff and my sweet friend Tiffany had invited a few friends over to hang out for a bit that evening, and they were to arrive around 7:30. I got home still in my ski clothes at 7:10. I left all the junk in the car and was showered and ready for guests by 7:35...not too bad if I don't say so myself! We hadn't had a second to eat dinner so we spent the evening hanging out around the island in my kitchen eating and talking.

Jeff wanted to make sure I had the chance to blow out candles and make a birthday wish, but the only candle he could find was Dora from Brynnes last birthday that she insists on keeping and still checks for from time to time. I made my 34th birthday wish on a Dora the Explorer candle sitting atop a partially eaten strawberry cheesecake!

Then the McCauleys gave me a birthday card and guess who was on the cover, Dora! With a little artwork alteration from Aaron I had the only skiing Dora card in circulation!

It was a pretty funny coincidence! I had such a great day with family and friends skiing, recieved tons of messages and birthday wishes, opened fun and thoughtful gifts, and spent the evening surrounded by good friends. What a full day!

So I may be getting a little bit older, tomorrow my son will officially be a teenager, but that night I went to bed happy and still feeling like a little kid at heart!


Aaron and Devon said...

Happy Birthday Jen! I'm glad you had a great day and I love the Dora candle- it just fits you perfectly!

haley said...

I hope you had a perfect birthday. I had a great time skiing with you guys. I'm so glad we decided to do that over Spring Break. We'll make it tradition if the snow is good again!