Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In The "Throws" of Baseball Season

Garrett, Zack, Austin

Baseball season is upon us.What that means is Jeff is assisting Aaron and Jeremy coaching Garrett's team every Monday and Wednesday night at Cole. Often he comes straight from work...

Jeff as 3rd base coach

Brynne loves it when she can come to Garrett's games to play with her besties Clara and Megan.

Because the kids get home from sports around 4:30 and 4:45 and are supposed to be at baseball at 5, we eat out every Monday and Wednesday after the games. We are always joined by the McCauley, Poulsen, and Rickards clans.

Tal, Abby and Macy

I'm not gonna lie, it's kinda nice to know I don't have to cook and I get to enjoy a meal with friends twice a week. The hard part is that I am the only one who can represent the Bohn Family at Drew's games every Monday and Wednesday night at Mountain View at the exact same time as Garrett's games.

Drew getting onto base

Drew seems to have a love hate relationship with his sports. He loves the games, hates going to practice, and seems to be there for the fun and the social aspects and isn't so concerned with the competetive edge. Still, Drew has improved so much this year and has even had several really great hits.

Connor, Drew, Cooper, and Kyle

He has so much fun hanging out with his buddies at the games, but can sometimes be found in his own little world.

He is so sweet and thrilled with each of his accomplishments, and lets the rest of it just roll off his back. I love watching him have a good time.

Garrett the fierce competitor
I am so disappointed not to be able to see more of Garrett's team, The Bulldogs, who are so far undefeated. I have tried doing a little back and forth to see some of each of their games but it is a bit of a juggle and I end up missing so much of the game while I am driving from one school to another that I have given up on it. I just wait til dinner and get the full updates from Garrett.

Garrett has had so much fun on this team. He has been pitching and playing 2nd base. He is so competetive and a great team player.
My nephew Austin was too old to play on the team with the boys and has been given the job of manager. He takes the responsibility seriously and does it well. Zack is our tougher than tough catcher.

Tyler is our other pitcher and can always be counted on for hitting a ringer!

Aaron, Jeremy and Jeff are hilarious with the seriousness they give to their stats and each of the teams wins. They may be having more fun than any of the little boys!

(Jeff was out of town when I got to go to my second of Garretts games so he's missing from this picture)

The big boys are so proud of their winning record and are convinced they have the dream team this year. We will miss our twice a week fun when the season is over, but I will be grateful to be beyond of the "throws" of baseball.


shelleyv said...

Sounds so fun! The no cooking and eating out with friends part.

Your pictures are so great! Good job!

Tawna said...

Why do you have some of the cutest boys known to man?! I love their different personalities and to see how much they are growing up! Sounds like a ton of fun to get to watch them each week. Soak in that sunshine and tell them I said "you rock!"