Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Women's Conference 2010

BYU Women's Conference has been a little something I have been treating myself to for the last few years.  The first year I went the classes were amazing and I came home with my bucket full.  I had a fresh perspective on life, family and marriage.  Great ideas for motivating my family, and a strengthened testimony of Jesus Christ. I've returned each year hoping for that same experience.
The classes since that year have been hit and miss, and unfortunately it seems like more missing than hitting especially with the smaller classes during the day. Luckily the beginning and ending sessions you can count on to be fantastic. Our general Relief Society President Julie Beck has spoken the last few years and I always love what she has to say.  She is down to earth, direct, and makes no excuses for herself or anyone else.  She just says it like it is, but manages to do so in a way that inspires you to do better and be more.  
Another highlight of the conference is the concert held on Thursday night.  We hear from several amazing artists and have such a fun time.  Hilary Weeks has hosted the event for the last 3 years and with her you are always guaranteed to laugh.  Its always fun to see all the women fill the Marriott Center and act a little bit like a bunch of teenagers.  
One of my favorite things about attending women's conference is the company I'm in.  My mom and I always go up together and my aunt Diane always comes with us.  Tara and Janelle have been there some years, and I've had a few where my cousins were able to go to a few classes too.  I always run into friends from home and try to meet up with friends I haven't seen for years.  Before the conference this year I was able to squeeze in a lunch with an old Ricks college roomate and good friend Kari Morrison, and almost got in a visit with my friend Jessie Funk.  
I was also so excited to catch up with my roommate Debbie Grace from my freshman year at Ricks.  Debbie came to Ricks a nonmember with one of her high school besties for just the summer. She ended up staying, marrying a return missionary and getting baptized.  She gave me the nickname "little Jeni" that stuck throughout the year, and she taught me how to drive in the snow, during my first winter, out in the Wal Mart parking lot.  I haven't seen her since then, and it was so fun to catch up!  She lives just 5 minutes from my aunt Diane and is serving in the primary presidency in her ward.  
I was thrilled when I got a text from my friend Kristen Hanamaikai on Wednesday letting me know she was coming.  Since she moved down to LA several years ago we don't see each other as much as we would like. We have been thrilled to have little reunions at women's conference as we go to classes together and try to fill each other in on our latest happenings.  This year she stayed in the dorms with her freshman year roommate Amy, and I was in stitches laughing the moment I met her and her sister Amanda.  They are an absolute blast!
The conference always concludes with one of our Apostles speaking to us.  This year we heard from Elder Dallin Oaks and his sweet wife Kristen.  What a treat it was to hear from them!
Another year at women's conference down in the record books.  A great week with friends and family, the purchase of a 5lb bag of cinnamon bears and BYU paraphernalia, unpredictable weather (SNOW in May?!!), trips to some of my favorite stores and restaurants, and I even got in one last day of skiing!  It was a good week, but I am so glad to be home!  
While I was gone Wes sent me the following picture with the message, "mom you would flip if you saw what things look like here!" Re-entry to reality is always a little rough...


Tawna said...

hahaha, that final picture is enough...I am glad you had a great time Jen!

justjen said...

Thanks Tawna! Yeah that picture was enough, you have no idea how close I was to packing up and heading home the morning after I received it!