Monday, May 17, 2010

Lumberjack Aint Got Nothin' on Lumberjen

So ladies, I am about to let you in on a great big secret.  A conspiracy of sorts.   The men are having ALL the fun and they don't want us to know about it.  It's all about the tools.  I'm serious!  They know most of us women are completely in the dark on this one and they want to keep it this way.
In January when my neighbor's tree just tipped right over because of all the rain, I got to looking at my own trees.  One of them I had been itching to take out.  It was big and beautiful,  but so messy and I just couldn't keep up with it.  I decided it was time for the tree to come down. I borrowed a chain saw from some good friends, got an brief tutorial on how to operate it, and I was set! 
The day I had set aside to chop the tree down Jeff stepped in and offered to "help me out".  He climbed up into the tree and chopped all the big branches down.  I laid them out in the street in front of the house before it got dark so that I could cut them into pieces short enough to send off with our big garbage pick up day. When I looked out the window the next morning there was a stranger in front of my house with his own chainsaw cutting up my wood and loading into the back of his truck.  All that was left of the tree now was the massive trunk.
Finally it was my turn to do a little chopping with the saw.  I gripped the handle and gave it several good yanks before it roared to life.  As I felt the chain bite into the trunk for the first time, it was thrilling!  I was handling some serious power!  The thick thunk sound that comes when the saw has cut all the way through the wood is exhilarating!  Handling a machine with that kind of power is just plain fun. 
My mom, seeing my handiwork, asked if I wanted to help her cut one of her trees down.  She didn't have to ask twice!
Her tree was a bit taller than mine and it took us some time and a little help to get it done, but boy was it fun.  I even used the chainsaw on some of the smaller pieces, just for kicks and giggles! 

Ladies don't get snookered out of your own fun, step up, use your husbands tools.  Don't let the guise of "a man's job" keep you from trying new things.  Charge them up, gas them up, and then let 'em rip!  You may just find yourself calling them toys instead of tools before long!


haley said...

So funny...I'll have to come over for a lesson one of these days!

where the wildthings grow said...

Welcome to my world girlfriend! Come try out my toys this summer!