Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day is Everyday

Let it be known across the land and sea that I have the most amazing mother ever to be.  Spiritual and determined. Witty and wise, spunky and fun.  Strong and brave, creative and logical.  Independent and reliable, generous and selfless.  A lover of nature and all things good. Friend and example to all.  She is mine.
There are no words that can come close to describing the feelings born through motherhood.  So thick and deep you are sure this love is tangible.  Awe and humility at the responsibility and perfection that is yours.  Hope and dreams, pride and heartache, wonder and frustration, all in ways and to a degree you were unaware was possible.  Motherhood is endless and priceless. A blessing and a gift.

So now that we are clear on where I stand on these things let me say this...I don't care...I just don't.  Sure it's nice to honor our mothers and those who have raised the people we love, and hey I don't mind a little recognition now and then, but really mother's day...I kinda just don't care.

I would hope that we regularly express our gratitude and love for the mothers in our lives.   That we treat them kindly and show respect.  But really I don't need a day that's all about me.  I mean I love gifts as much as the next girl, and who doesn't enjoy a compliment here and there, but I just don't care about all the fan fare and hoopla.  Am I crazy? was a good day.  Jeff's sister Sharrisse and her husband Ryan and his sister Ashley who is living with them right now came up from Visalia for dinner with their 3 kids.

The kids all had fun playing with their cousins while most of the adults played Words With Friends (scrabble on iPhones) and visited.
Garrett and Jeff's birthdays were Friday so we had a little family party.  Jeff and Garrett wrestled it out to see who could blow out more of the candles.

The highlight of the day though was giving my mom her gift.  We all got her a Garmin running watch.  Tara and I both have one and my mom has had watch envy for a while now.  She was thrilled.

So it was a good day.  A family day.  A watch giving, candle blowing day.  It kinda wore this guy out...

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BZmommy said...

I love this post! And dito everything that you said about mom! Love the look on her face as she opened her gift! She called me and spent almost 45 minutes telling me all about it and how excited she was to use it!