Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh Brother!

Saturday May 1st Utah had recieved over 36" of fresh powder.  The Snow Guru of Snowbird and Alta Ski Resort Fame, had said Friday was the BEST snow of the entire winter season.  Nope, I didn't head home as I had planned, I called my brother and insisted he go ski with me!
 We rode the tram at Snowbird to the top of the mountain, and pretty much couldn't see a thing!  We had such a hard time even seeing where the runs were.  Sometimes I would just reach out in front of me to see if there was a mountain right in front of me or if I was just still in the middle of a cloud.  We laughed so much at ourselves and how dumb we felt trying to figure out where we were.
A little lower the visibility was much better and we got ourselves sorted out.  It really was incredible!  I found myself going down runs I never would have tried at home and learning what all the fuss over fresh powder is really about.  Sometimes the visibility was poor enough that I couldn't tell if I was going up, down or almost flat, but because the snow was so light and soft it didn't even matter!  I just needed to see the outline of other skiers in front of me and head in their direction.
About halfway through the day we ventured through the tunnel to the back side of the mountain.  It was a full on blizzard on the back there!  We kept saying can you believe its the first day of May?  It took us nearly an hour just to get down to the bottom of the run on that backside.  Billy's legs were sore and my stomach and face hurt from laughing and smiling.
When we finally left we were exhaused and happy.  It was a fantastic end to my first skiing season!

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