Monday, May 24, 2010


I changed my name again.  It's Fancy Nancy now.  Do you want to know why I changed my name?  Well it's because I have already been Brynne for my whole life!  Why don't you ever change your name? You have been Jen forever!  Do you know how to say excuse me in french?  Excuse m'oi...that's how you say it mom.  Oh and a lady at baseball told me my shoes were cute.  I told her they're not shoes, they're peep toe heels!  Can you believe she didn't know that?  Do you know how I got so smart?  Well it kinda runs in our family, but mostly is just 'cause I turned 5.
Fancy Nancy
(you know, your daughter that used to be Brynne)

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haley said...

Clara has been saying excuse m'oi also!! These girls are playing off of each other I think!