Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Beachy

Clara and Brynne with the kite
We broke with tradition this year, and it just didn't seem right.  It was only the second time since I was born that we didn't spend Memorial Day weekend at Whiskeytown Lake.  I felt antsy all week long and needed something to fill my weekend.  We ended up leaving Saturday morning for Rio del Mar.  A favorite family beach just a few minutes south of Santa Cruz.  Never too crowded, parking almost right on the sand, and one of the warmest beaches we've found yet.  Wes stayed behind at a friends house, and the rest of us piled into the car for a relaxing day.  The sun was warm and and the skies were clear.

 I LOVED listening to Garrett and Drew laughing with eachother all day.  They burried eachother in the sand, ran away from the waves, and of course did what every boy is always drawn to do...they dug big holes in the sand!

Brynne loves coming to the beach but is kind of funny about the sand.  She hates it between her toes!  For the first hour she just hung out inside her little fort, leaning out to dig in the sand just outside the door.  Late in the afternoon Haley and her girls joined us and Brynne ventured out to play with Clara and Maryn.
Jeff and I each took turns going for a run along the beach.   I snapped a picture with my phone as I was out.  It was a gorgeous day and my run was theraputic.
Loved the beach, loved the laughter, loved the run, but somehow I'm still missing my lake...

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