Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seriously So Hilarious

As I have said before, I tend to shy away from just about anything that is overly popular, overly stated, or overly used.  I have no desire to be just like everyone else.  A few other things that rank in my book of not so favorable little quirks are the following. The ultra creative spelling of names,  the way people use "just kidding" at the end of a rude statement and think it somehow neutralizes the comment making it no longer hurtful or rude, and probably the highest ranking quirk is when people try so hard to be whatever it is that they think the people around them want to be. When I was in Jr. High we used to say,"Be what you wanna be, but don't be a wanna be".  I guess I should also add that I am well aware of the fact that I have PLENTY of little quirks in my personality.  Some of which I wish I could do better at changing, and some just might be the very thing that make you bonkers.  The ones listed above are in random order and some are much less bothersome than others not even listed.  So there is my disclaimer before we get any further into this...

Knowing these things about me, my brother Billy and his wife Jen told me about a blog they just knew I would get a kick out of.  They could not have been more right!  The blog is written by an absolutely hilarious and brilliant gal who must live in the middle of Utah.  She pokes fun at all of the latest crazes, phrases, and trends from friends blogs, Facebook status updates, and the general population around her.  It is the epitome of the stereotypical, young, Mormon, Utah mom.  And while none of us really know anyone who fits this mold exactly to a T, we do know plenty who fit at least a few of these bits and pieces, and some we may even recognize in ourselves.   If you are at all familiar with the culture of the young married couples living in this part of the world, you  don't want to miss out on this genius bit of entertainment!  If nothing else you'll have a perfect place to check in and see what the latest trends are in "Zion".

I recommend starting with the ABOUT ME column on the right hand side.  This will give you a great intro to the author and give you a feel for what you're jumping into.  Then you can click on the tabs up top to see her followers favorite posts.   One of the funniest things to me was reading the notes others sent to her.  Oh and one more thing...some of her readers comments are almost as witty as she is.  Check those out too. Let me know if you enjoy it as much as I did!

Now here's the link  Seriously So Blessed

Happy reading!

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BZmommy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I've seen links to this blog on peoples sites but I've never actually read it but it's HILARIOUS!! Holy cow! Lovin it! Thanks for showing me where to find my laughs!