Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bye Bye Baby!

My little toe headed baby boy is growing up way too fast!
He is still the best big brother
And loves to play
His toys are just a bit more expensive now!
And instead of pushing them along the carpet, he really can drive them!
One of his best friends is a girl who's known him since 3rd grade, Miss Hailey Manes.
She and Maddy were determined to make his 16th birthday a good one.  
They asked if they could come over early and decorate a little before he woke up and brought over a nice homemade breakfast. They spent half of the day hanging out at our house as good friends came and went.  He even had another cute girl bring him a cake that she had made!

For weeks I'd been asking him how he wanted to celebrate, what he wanted to do.  Finally late Saturday afternoon he decided he just wanted to have some of his friends come over and watch movies.
 But on the big screen at the park next door to my parents house.  
 My dad has the best set up for all of this and is always happy to help get things ready.
 You can never go wrong with a classic movie like Sandlot
 As it got late and the crowd dwindled and the other kids came home from their friends houses we all ended up at the park
 The kids all clamoring for Grandpas lap
Wes had great day spent with his friends and we all loved the movie at the park.  Thinking it may be a weekly tradition for all of the kids friends this summer.  But as we were taking down our outdoor theater, and the busyness of the day was over the reality of things settled in.  My little baby boy is now 16.  

My baby is gone and I am the proud mom of an awesome young man.  He will be driving and dating, and in just two short years he will be gone. It seems the years have flown past too quickly!

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Carie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wes!