Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday

This flashback Friday is going back just two and a half years ago to October of 2010 when I decided on a whim to join Kristie, a girl I had met once or twice, and a few of her friends for the Warrior Dash.
That is still one of the most fun events I have done
That day also marks the beginning of a friendship I am so incredibly grateful for
A lot of people just know Kristie as a competitor and a fierce one at that!
She is known to be athletic and always up for anything that sounds fun
That first day we spent hanging out ended with Jeff placing a bet that I could beat Kristie in a wrestling match. He had no idea what kind of athlete and competitor she is.  On the flip side Kristie had no idea what I am all about. She actually told Jeff in all seriousness that she didn't want to do it because she didn't want to hurt me.  This was of course the point where I said I was all in.
 While I didn't get an undisputed win that night I did gain Kristie's respect and surprised quite a few others.  We regularly get requests from the husbands for a rematch.  It isn't gonna happen. 
What did happen was Kristie joined us that winter for a few ski days with the girls
Including our St Patricks day tradition
That summer I learned that there wasn't a whole lot Kristie wouldn't do on a dare, especially when theres money on the line.  At a Fresno Grizzlies game where we had a private BBQ and pool side seats, she climbed into a bucket of ice and stayed there for some crazy amount of time!
Kristie learned about planking at about the same time I did and we spent a summer  making fools of ourselves all over town.
Kristie and Nan came with me on the crazy adventure that was an overnight drive to Oregon to purchase my boat, which she promptly named The Black Pearl
and she happily accompanies me every summer since out to the lake whether its a girls trip, a family trip, or just me and her and a boat load of kids!
We had a blast at Magic Mountain a couple years ago celebrating Nan's birthday.
No matter where you are with Kristie, you're bound to have fun
And if her wild and crazy personality isn't enough on it's own she introduced me to Celsius drinks. Weightloss supplements with a LOT of caffeine.
When you start handing these out of an ice chest to a bus load of ladies anything is possible!  This was year two of our mud run tradition this time at the Merrill Down and Dirty in Folsom.
Just get the right music going and both of us will be out of our seats
 and shakin' our tail feathers
We don't always have to get dirty when we hang out though.  Last year we went to Avila beach for memorial day with our families and we all stayed pretty clean!
They introduced us to this great little farm and market just outside of town where they sell BBQ corn on the cob and awesome ice cream
One of the many things I just love about Kristie is how amazing she is with the girls she works with at camp or in her ward at church.  I don't think the girls love ANYONE more than her.  
She plays with the girls and has such a good time.  She has a knack for drawing out the ones on the edges or trying to blend into the walls.  
 And while she is so often laughing or teasing, there is one thing she doesn't joke about and that is her testimony.  It's rock solid.  She has been through incredible trials in her life and has learned to rely on The Lord.  Kristie makes everything a matter of prayer and she promptly acts on the answers she gets.  
I can't tell you how many times I've been in tears with Kristie.  Sometimes it's due to us sharing things of a spiritual nature, or sharing our trials and struggles, but most often she has me crying tears of laughter.  The night I won all of this stuff while subbing at her bunko group is one of the funniest I can remember.  Kristie and her asian midget stories...
Getting out of bed before 5 am while training for a marathon is not uncommon, but that definitely doesn't make it easy, except when this is who you are running with.  Then you know you'll be laughing almost as much as running.
Kristie teaches a spin class at GB3 three days a week and has her own little cult following.  They know she is a competitive athlete and so they trust that she knows what shes doing and what she tells them. But the way she connects with the people in her class and pushes them to their best performance is what keeps them coming back.  
 She can be stubborn and expects a lot from herself, but with her friends she is constantly giving. She is the best listener, and she would do anything at a moments notice for those she cares about.  She is constantly striving to be a better person, and understanding herself and those around her.  
Kristie is thoughtful, and strong.  Sensivitive, hard working, and stubborn.  She is driven, kind and so crazy!  She is an athlete and a natural leader.  She can dance like nobody's business and has the most infectious laugh.  Kristie has a tender heart and she opens it to everyone. I am grateful to I decided to join her for a day of muddy fun a few years back, and I am grateful to call her my friend.

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