Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Things

 A 3 day mountain biking trip is a good reason reason for my mom to drive to Utah.  A new nephew was a good excuse for me to make the trip with her.  
Watching Tara introduce herself to him for the first time was a sweet thing
But watching Ashlyn hold him was even sweeter.
 Having a good excuse to drive to Utah when our ski season in California is already over is another  really good thing.
 But 17" of snow in the 3 days leading up to my visit was GREAT!
 Trying to navigate a new mountain in these conditions isn't so good, but once I found several runs that were just my speed, the skiing was FABULOUS!
Two days of shopping, two Cafe Rio Salads in two days, and two awesome sisters at the very end of two very long days are all super good things
One darling nephew, one visit with a college roommate, and one trip to Orange Leaf makes for one good but very fast trip
One long drive home starting very early tomorrow morning and my bed tomorrow night will be sounding good!

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