Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Old Normal

Thursday night we felt like dancing.  Ms. B, the party bus, had arrived delivering the Rickards/Wilson clan. The only ones who actually did any dancing were Paige and Ashlyn roused by Wes rockin' piano playing.  Probably the cutest little dancing duo ever.
Brynne was determined she'd be staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house the entire time Ashlynn was visiting.  They were too sweet to watch!
Wes and Tara have always been close and it made me smile to watch my big teenaged son's face light up as he gave my little sister a hug.  It made me smirk to hear her disbelief at how he seemed to keep getting taller and taller than her!
It seemed that all was right in the world as we strolled Target together gathering up Easter necessities.  Just like the good ole days...
except that this little munchkin has stolen my heart.  I simply adore this little bug! I asked her if she wanted to ride in my cart, but it was clear she had her own ideas about how that was going to work out when she climbed underneath and called out go!
 These 5 kids spent an entire day riding all over town together just like they had all last summer.  Jared lives around the corner and Austin and all 3 of my boys consider him a friend. Any friend of the older boys who treats the little brother with as much kindness and respect as Jared does Drew, is always welcome to join our crew.
Friday night we headed up to one of our favorite hangout spots, the McCauley cabin at Shaver.  
Whenever we are guests of the McCauley's it seems we are always sitting around a fire of some sort.  If it isn't the fire pit on their back patio, the fire ring at the cabin will do.
 You can't go wrong when you've got calm clear skies, a crackling fire, and all the fixings for s'mores. 
Add to that combo, Jason's sarcastic comments and Saturday Night Live poses, Aaron's hot air, and a package of double stuft Oreo's and you've got the makings of an entertaining night. 
The hours slipped by as stories were shared and kids came and went. More than once I thought about how much I missed the lazy nights just like this that we have spent together before Tara and Jason moved. 
 When we finally put out the fire, we came into the house and found Brynne and Ashlynn in the middle of a game of Headbands, totally cracking each other up.  
 Brynne loved having her best friend and her cute cousin together for the night.
 Great minds think alike.  This was confirmed when we picked up Tara and Jay to go visit Brandi in the hospital.  Jeff and Jay were accidental twinners.  
  Several hours were passed laughing nonstop with the Hankes/Jonkers/Honkers at Yard House.  It was a good thing Tara had requested we stop for a picture afterwards or else Nick may have been wondering where he left his phone for hours!
We spent Saturday night with my parents. Eating pizza, prepping for Easter, and planning Sunday dinner like we have countless times before.  It was nice to relax into our old version of "normal", even if it was only for the weekend.

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