Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Soccer and My Sister

We decided to sign little miss up for spring soccer when we got a message from her awesome coaches that they were going to get the whole fall team together again to play.
The game could not have been any further away from our house and still be in town 
and I was starting to regret signing her up.
But once again that smile lit up her face as she played and I knew it was worth it!
Brynne was beyond thrilled to have Grandpa there as one of her cheerleaders and sometimes footrest
 But mostly cause he's the best to snuggle with!
But the best surprise was that Tara came back to town on her own for a quick weekend trip and arrived just in time for the game!
I was thrilled to have her back to hang with me again, but it clearly was a treat for Brynne as well!

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