Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend with the Girls

 My sister Tara keeps having awesome excuses to come back to visit. Last weekend she was at it again!
And since we don't get her here ALL the time its a great excuse to get together with friends 
We lunched at The Habit
kicked back in massage chairs 
and treated ourselves to mani's and pedi's
Tara got in some good Brynne snuggles and lots of hugs from my boys. I love how close they are with her.  Wes especially still texts Tara and keeps her up on whats happening with him and and asks for advise.
After we sent Wes off to the Mormon Prom, we set off on a little road trip to Livermore to hang out with Nan and Devany.
We had dinner at a great little place in their cute downtown area and then stayed up talking into the wee hours of the morning
We had such a great day Sunday
The meeting we attended was a farewell for two darling boys from the same ward heading off to the exact same mission in Brazil on the same day! 
Spending time with all of these ladies I love so much was the best.  It's no fun having my sister live so far away and having good friends move away is the worst, but it makes times like these, that much sweeter.

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Aaron and Devon said...

Love the picture of you and Tara on Sunday! Two hot mommas!