Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birthday Season 2013 is a Wrap!

Wednesday May 22 Drew turned 12.  His birthday marks the end of the Bohn Birthday season. 7 weeks with 6 birthdays...
Drews big day was spent with his two side kicks Tyson and Jeffrey.
They are total clowns together!
They spent a couple of hours at Boomers and then we made a trip to SBI to pick up a new long board for Drew.  
Aside from the Panda Express lunch Delivery, Drew also requested Tokoyo Steakhouse for dinner with the family.
Both of my parents were home and came with us.
This of course meant Brynne was attached to my dad most of the night.
I loved just watching these guys joking around with each other.  I feel so lucky to have kids who get along with each other as well as they do.  
Drew and Garrett both ordered Shirley Temples.  I think it was just to get the cherries.  After our yummy dinner Drew got to go to his first activity with the Deacons.  He loved it!
Like Garrett and Jeff, Drew opted for strawberry shortcake in stead of a traditional birthday cake. Who could say no to that, or to that face?  Love that kid.
Drew's birthday is always right near memorial weekend when all of his friends are out of town and because we have so many birthdays before his and school is out and all the camps begin right after, its hard to find a good time for a party.  Last year he kept changing his mind on when to have it because of friends out of town, and in the end it never happened. So this year he decided to just have it with whoever was here.  This was his crew.  
Good thing Lindsay has plenty of spunk because she ended up being the only girl! She totally held her own with these guys and they all had a great time.  After a trip out on the boat they watched a movie on the big screen at the park next door to my parents house.  When the sprinklers came on about halfway through it gave everyone a big surprise, and the movie was moved indoors.  Drew kept telling me what a great birthday he had had. I was elated.  Birthday season 2013 was a wrap!

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