Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seniors Round Deaux!

Another Friday, another day on the lake with these (mostly) seniors!
How could I say no to this kid?
Just look how happy he was to come play with all his friends again!
Connor soaked up some sunshine
And then he and Wes and Jasen channeled their inner Leonardo DiCaprio
Monkey see, monkey do

Dakota manned the flag
Until we got his theme song We Are Never Getting Back Together playing
then getting him up on the wake board was no joke.  He was determined!
I don't even claim to know exactly what was going on here, but I'm a little concerned!
cute boys
G-Wiz master of the duck face
still smiling while the sun was out
and before Kristie showed us that grin all full of Cheeto Puffs!
pulling stunts on the tubes
And then the wind picked up...
What started like this,
Ended like this! 

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