Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The end of the school year is always kind of a zoo.  I'm just catching my breath between Birthday season, YW Camp preparations, 2-3 nights a week of baseball, and usually a dance showcase and a piano recital when all the the daily parties and awards and special schedules start at school.  My day started with working out from 6-7:30, home to drive Garrett to school, do Brynnes hair, make a few beds and soaking some whites in bleach, take out the trash and then racing out the door to the elementary school awards ceremony for Brynne.  And yes for those of you who caught it, I still hadn't showered. While there I sat on the back row with empty seats on either side of me.  A couple came and sat next to me for just a few minutes and then left claiming they had seen family elsewhere in the cafeteria.  I think its cause I stink, but who's to know? I was back home by 10am at which time I get text messages from Wes and Drew.  Drew needs me to make a double batch of brownies for his class party and deliver them ASAP.  I was glad he texted because I needed to let him know that I had his backpack and permission slips delivered to the office since he forgot them when he rode his skateboard to school.  Wes needs money to buy a yearbook ASAP so they don't sell out before he gets one.  We went through this early yesterday morning with Brynne and Drew.  Should have been more on the ball in the begining of the year when I was already filling out a plethora of papers and information and purchased it then, but of course that might have been too easy.  So here we are doing the last minute scramble, so  yes I'll bring him the money. Oh and while I'm at it how would I feel about picking up a rotisserie chicken to drop off to him for lunch? Seriously? Whatever. I feel fabulous about bringing you chicken son. the brownies are baking and I think I should be able to go to the store (for the chicken) deliver brownies and money and a chicken and still make it to my ortho appt at 11:30.  I'm hoping to also get the laundry switched too.  Im meeting a friend at 1 picking up kids at 2:45, having someone else pick up the ones at 3:15 and then shopping for cowgirl boots for Brynne before heading out to graduation at Buchanan tonight.  The rest of my week looks kinda like today. A few of the highlights are the play Brynne is doing in her class on Wednesday, Thursday sending one kid to wild waters, two others to school and the last one with some friends to the lake but home in time for a piano rehearsal at 4:30 and recital at 7.  Friday Brynne is doing her  dance recital routine at her school talent show, we're getting a visit from Nan, and heading out to the lake once the kids are done with school at 1.  I have been averaging 3-4 hours of sleep for the last few days. I can do this, but by Saturday I'm thinking I'll need a nap. Wish me luck!

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