Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Kingdom For a Week

I spent last week at girls camp.  
 Where this cute friend was our fearless leader
and somebody decided it was a good idea that Sue and I assisted her!
All in the kingdom were princesses
Where we were told that our  Once Upon a Time is Now
 our sights were set upon the castle
Where these ladies cooked for us 
and the camp nurses really were Fairy Godmothers!
 Where we appreciated all the hours of preparation
 and proved that many hands make light work
 We practiced whistling while we worked
 and learned that falling out of your bunk in middle of the night can bring trials comparable to slaying a dragon
 Where I often wished that Cinderella could come help tidy up our little cabin
and early morning runs came with views like these
 Where bonds of love and friendship cross the years and age gaps
A place where singing with arms around shoulders was the norm
 and at times came with a healthy drop or two of tears
 A place where this guy got to be a King 
 and encouraged us to live in a constant happily ever after
A week where these girls learned the blessings and love that come with countless hours of selfless service.  Yes in many ways girls camp is Heaven on Earth

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