Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not much...

What have I been up to in the last week and a half? Oh not much...
Just getting creeped on by a cute chick with a painted on Hitler 'stache at a camp meeting. Trying not to pee my pants when she scares the living daylights out of me Garrett Gomez style.
Laughing at these two making themselves at home in Dakota's openly unsupervised vehicle full of all sorts of valuable items, not the least of which are those fuzzy red dice! That, and trying to avoid a pesky little red vine....
Going over camp forms after a camp meeting the following night. Super long night, but even more productive.
 The following morning before heading out on the hike where I learned that my friend is actually my cousin, I took this cute boy to the orthodontist to "get his braces tightened". Lies. He knew he was getting them off but wanted to surprise me.  I thought he had a few more months to go.  When the Dr came out with him and I asked how things went he told me that had had a little trouble with somethings and had to take something out.  He told Garrett to just show me what he meant. And then my boy smiled at me with beautiful straight teeth.  The likes of which he has NEVER in his life seen.  Happy happy day!
 Tuesday I had my own super busy day, but started it off with seeing this girl wrap up the year as an academic all star!  
 Wednesday I got to watch he perform in two plays.  In the first she was a cat and delivered her lines perfectly! In the second she was a narrator and was absolutely adorable.  Then she made my dad and I cry by singing to us, but I already told you guys about that so we don't have to get into it again.
 Thursday I took a bunch of Wild Water ditching 8th graders out on the lake.
 I had way too much to do at home, but once I was sitting right here and laughing with my friend Heather, I was super glad I blew it all off for a few hours.  
 We pulled the Molecule out of the attic and got it out on the lake for the first time this year.
 The boys went crazy out there until one of the three balls shredded when it hit a wave.  The fabric was in shreds and the plastic floating ball was left in the middle of the lake.  Oops!
 I was entertained by the boys teasing the girls until it was time to call it a day.  We had a piano recital to get to!
Half of Brian Hammons students performed on Thursday night.  Wes wasn't able to get his piece finished and opted out.  
 Brynne played a duet with her teacher for her first recital and totally nailed it!
 Cute Drew was awesome as well.
But two hours in, regardless of how great the other performances were he was BEYOND ready to go!
 Friday Brynne performed a solo version of her dance recital for her school talent show.  It was so fun to hear the whole audience go crazy cheering for her throughout the routine and to hear the comments from parents standing around me that didn't know she was mine. Unfortunately I got no clear pictures of it.  I do have a great video from one of Drews friend's that was standing on stage right.
 When school was out we were all feeling freeeee! Summer vacation had officially begun for us!
 Garrett opted out of the boat since he'd been out the day before but Wes and his friends were ready to play!
I watched Bailey mess with Kailey
Connor showing off skateboarding tricks while wake surfing for the first time
Bailey being his usual goofy self
Drew hanging out with the big kids
 Wes taking care of baby sister on a rare tube ride 
 And laughed at these guys jumping back and forth and playing King of the tube while in motion
 Saturday I raced around trying to make up for time lost while on the lake the previous two days.  I picked up all the things my guys would need in the coming weeks and tried to help them pack.  
Sunday morning Jeff took Garrett to Oakland where he rolled into the airport ready to go to three weeks of back to back camps.  Two in Utah and one in Santa Barbra.  I got to stay home with Brynne and her UTI.   
5:30 Monday morning I dropped Drew of for a week at scout camp.
I liked that this picture was all a blur, cause that's how I was feeling after just getting a couple of hours of sleep!
A few hours later I was watching this cute boy head out to his first day on the job with Jeff for a summer internship.  He's actually staying with us for the first half of every week through the summer and heading home to Livermore for the second half of each week.
I'm already loving having him here as we have hit the gym together the last two nights and I''ve been seeing lots of this stuff right here .  Too sweet.
Last night I got to go to a grad party for some of my favorite kids.  
These three girls were my camp co-chairs last year. I loved working with them so much and am so excited to see where this next chapter in life takes them.  As for me this week is already full with meeting one group or another for camp stuff every day this week.  Meetings with landscape architects, painters, visiting teachers, and doctor appointments are filling my days.  On Monday Wes, Drew and Brynne will fly to Utah and I will head to girls camp.  I have lots of planning and packing to do. But then I will go to camp and hang with some amazing girls and favorite friends. This is the best kind of busy to be!

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