Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorial Day In Antarctica.

Memorial weekend plans this year were looking pretty bleak.  Whiskeytown tradition has been put to bed for the last 3-4 years.  The beach has been my go to backup plan ever since, but I just wasn't able to make it happen. When Carter and his roommate Johnathon decided to take us up on the invite to come up I knew things had turned around.
 We went on a Wal Mart run for boat snacks where Garrett utterly failed the drivers test for those slow motion carts.  But the kid left his shoes at home, so we left him drive it anyway even though he kept bumping into stuff.
We were excited to get out on the lake even though the temps were MUCH cooler than we are used to for a memorial weekend.
The boys tried to warm up from just eating spicy chips, but it only helped their mouths and they werent cold to begin with.
 When Wes joined us about 2 hours into our trip he was making fun of all the shivering bodies on board trying to cover up as best as we could. He asked us why we were all acting like we were in Antarctica or something.
Well it probably had something to do with the fact that we'd been in the water surfing (Carter)
or trying to learn to surf (Johnathn) and had come to the realization that there was a massive storm heading our way and that the water was quickly becoming warmer than the air!
The storm ended up passing us by without a drop of rain but the wind came in strong!  As soon as we found some smooth water though everyone was itching to get in some wake boarding.  
We were all glad that we did.  Drew got higher up into the air than he had yet.
Garrett took on a challenge from Jeff with money on the line, of course, to clear the wake.  Eventually he did.  I don't know very many people as determined as that kid.
Wes was flipping like a mad man.
I loved getting shots of him at different positions of the flip
It doesn't even freak me out as much to watch him do it anymore.  But of course once I get comfortable is when he's ready to try the next big thing.
This was one of his first attempts at a front flip twist thing...I'm sure it has a name, but I don't remember it.  And then there was little old me.  Feeling a little rusty and knowing that nobody should ever go after Wes, but I did it anyway.
It's pretty dang pathetic what I've got going on here if you were to compare me to the boys, so lets just not.  Let's just remember instead that I gotta get my groove back.  But even then, I've got nothin on them.
These guys not only worked it out on the boards, but they looked good too!
Jared and Garrett opted to take advantage of the heater on the boat making its very first debut.  the vent even comes out of the wall and you can stretch it wherever you'd like.  These guys made a little fort under their towels. They were warm, but looked hilarious!
 Johnathan wasn't about that. He was cool enough to be cold.
 Brynne was a genius and walled off the cubby under the steering wheel with a towel.  There was a vent inside there that made her so toasty warm I was worried she might be too warm.  When Jared's lips were blue after learning to wakeboard, he and Garrett both got in there with Brynne.  We cracked up at their little feet sticking out.
 We were sooo ready for some hot food when we finally came in from the lake.  Chevy's hit the spot.  It usually does.  I LOVE their chips and salsa. I just wish I could remember not to eat so much of it that I don't need the food I ordered!
 Full and so tired, I thought we might loose Garrett there for a minute!
In spite of how crazy we were to be out on the lake in Antarctica, it was such a great weekend! Love these boys!

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Carie said...

Any day that ends with Mexican food is a good day. And any day that starts with a boat on the lake is a very very good day, even if it's cold!

P.S. Those pictures of Wes are amazing!