Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Performances

The program at the school is one the kids are always excited for us to come to hear some cute new song they have learned or some surprise prop they are using. They no longer have these performances after 3rd grade. This was Drew's last year...
This was Wes before the Winter Concert for band. He switched from trumpet to french horn this year and while he really loves music and playing, he doesn't love the time commitments band requires. Especially during football season. I don't know that he will participate again next year. BTW the black shirt is part of the band uniform. Not the easiest thing to find...

At our ward Christmas party this year Garrett was angel Gabriel. He has decided he wants NOTHING to do with acting, singing or any kind of performing in front of ANY
ONE. I had already said he would play the part. Our compromise was that he could wear his regular clothes underneath. Yeah I'm pretty sure Angel Gabriel wore black track pants when he visited Mary, but hey, what can you do?

Drew on the other hand LOVES the limelight. He would sing a solo or give a talk every week in church if he could. He loved the idea of being a shepherd, and wondered what kind of props he could have as well. Here he is with the cane. I love that kid!
Little Brynne was recruited to join the angels and she was thrilled! She too loves getting up in front and doing anything asked of her.
These little performances are always so fun to watch and quickly bring that warm fuzzy Christmas Spirit.

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Emma said...

the French Horn? doesn't he still play the piano?