Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Go Climb a Tree

Think its easy living in the middle of Candy Cane Lane? You try leaving your house at 6 and getting around the corner at 6:30 and only after turning into Cruella Deville! Try doubling your PG&E bill for the same month that you miraculously pull off Christmas with only a small increase in your monthly allowance. Spend the month of November hanging, wrapping and placing lights on every bush and tree in the yard only to have half of them turn on. Try getting out the blower on a daily basis to get the leaves from the giant tree off of all the decorations so you can actually see the lights you just spent hours putting up. Then remember that if you shower in the evening you can't blow dry your hair in your bathroom with out tripping the circuit breaker. Because if you forget, you'll end up in your robe in the front yard with bumper to bumper traffic while you take care of that little problem. Not to mention that you have just ruined, or perhaps enhanced depending on your perspective, the sight seeing for all those cars lined up in front of the house.

In spite of it all I love it. I love that I can hear horses hooves and jingle bells outside my front door every night. The groups of Christmas carolers add so much to the festive atmosphere. I love the neighbors walking around with hot chocolate in hand catching up with each other. I love that we get so many friends that show up without notice to just say hi because they were walking or driving through. I love that my kids eyes light up at the sights and sounds on the quick walk to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Yes it's worth it, but if you think its easy, go climb my tree!

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